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Team meeting in the office in Baar, Switzerland

Lotus Bakeries is an international, dynamic and sustainable player in the FMCG industry. We are a proud and passionate company that builds strong global and local brands and creates small moments of happiness. We bring people together with our delicious products and spark joy.


Team Spirit

Each link in the process of creating small moments of joy and happiness is equally important: from marketing to production, from sales to packaging... It is essential to work as a well-oiled team. We work together every day to make Lotus Bakeries a success, in a safe and inspiring working environment. 


Open Dialogue

An open attitude, proactive communication and respectful feedback: these components are inherent to the way we communicate. This way, people can grow and evolve within their jobs. 



Our dedication and commitment to our employees is evident and visible in the workplace. Everyone experiences a mutual sense of pride in our products and our company. Passion is what connects us all, every day, in everything we do. 

our 3 strategic PILARS

  • Packshots of Biscoff products

    Lotus® Biscoff®

    With its crunch and exceptional taste, it's no surprise that Lotus® Biscoff® is currently one of the most beloved global cookie brands. Lotus® Biscoff® products are enjoyed in over 60 countries and are increasingly finding their way into international markets. Together with our sales offices in 15 countries and local commercial partners all over the world, it is our ambition to introduce as many people as possible to our delicious Lotus® Biscoff®.

  • Packshots of Natural Foods products

    Lotus™ Natural Foods

    Since 2015, Lotus Bakeries has been determined to build an ambitious healthy snacking business on an international scale. By investing in brands such as nākd., BEAR, TREK, Kiddylicious and Peter's Yard, Lotus Bakeries was ultimately able to have full control of the entire Lotus™ Natural Foods portfolio. It is currently our goal to extend the success story of Lotus™ Natural Foods beyond the UK, its home market, and launch our strong healthy brands on a global scale.

  • Packshots of Local Heroes products

    Lotus® Local Heroes

    Lotus Bakeries' Local Heroes division focuses on building a strong market position for our local core brands. Currently available in Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Sweden, we offer a wide range of local 'hero' products: biscuits, waffles, cakes, gingerbread and natural snacks. Our aim for the future is to strengthen Lotus Bakeries' position as a market leader in the relevant sub-segments by continuing to invest in these home markets and their broad range of hero products.


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Our delicious brands

Our iconic brands stand for superior products with a unique taste experience. All our brands share a common goal: to bring small moments of joy and happiness to the lives of consumers worldwide.

Care for today, respect for tomorrow

Employees in the office in Baar, Switzerland

Our dedication to sustainability

Lotus Bakeries is committed to acting responsibly and thinking sustainably for the people of today and tomorrow. We are determined to work towards a better future for the next generations, which is why we follow a clean and green policy. For example, we want our packaging to be fully recyclable by 2025, so we can continue to offer our diverse range of branded snacks to everyone today and tomorrow.

Our Global presence

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