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Production Biscoff cookie in the factory

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A large part of our tasty snacks are produced in our home country Belgium. We are very proud of these roots and continue to invest in our 4 production sites in Lembeke, Eeklo, Oostakker and Courcelles. And don't forget our distribution centre in Lokeren, from where many products depart daily to conquer the rest of the world.

Do you want to grow with us and be part of a TOP team? Then read on to discover how we combine the passion of our colleagues and the modern technology of our extensive machinery to produce our fantastic snacks.

Working in production

Our TOP-jobs

Production of the sandwich cookie in the factory

Machine Operator

  • As soon as our cookies come out of the oven, it is important that they are packed correctly and we need you for that! The packaging of our cookies is done with an impressive machine park.
  • Your role is to operate these machines. You start them up, take care of the necessary supplies, stop the machine if there is a problem and also help with the conversion if we start packing another product on your machine.
  • We are looking for machine operators in our factories in Lembeke, Eeklo, Oostakker and Courcelles. A Machine Operator works in a 2-shift system or in a fixed night shift. In some factories we also work with a weekend shift and/or a 3-shift system.
  • Machine operators are real team players who can multi-task, are interested in how an automatic machine works and can roll up their sleeves.
Production of the Suzy Waffles in the factory

Dough preparator

  • As an Operator Dough Preparation, you are responsible for the preparation of all types of dough from our delicious range of pastries.
  • Every day you can not only inhale the sweet smell of our Frangipanes, Zebras, Madeleines, etc., but as an operator in the dough room you are also at the beginning of the entire production process. Thanks to your input, we always succeed in baking our delicious products!
  • We are mainly looking for operators for dough preparation in Oostakker. An Operator Dough Preparation works in a 2-shift system or in a fixed night shift. In some factories we also work with a weekend shift and/or a 3-shift system.
  • Our colleagues are detail-oriented (to measure is to know) and proud of their part in the entire process.
Operator in the factory producing original biscoff cookies

Operator Bakery

  • Our Operators Bakery turn dough into delicious products. They prepare the dough perfectly and then let it rest for a little while.
  • You guide our automated line by closely following the entire process: dough formation, dough weight, oven temperatures, ...
  • We are mainly looking for Operators Bakery in Lembeke, Eeklo and Courcelles. An Operator Bakery works in a 2-shift system or in a fixed night shift. In some factories we also work with a weekend shift and/or a 3-shift system.
  • Our colleagues are real bakers: they are not only responsible for making the dough, they also ensure that our products are baked well!

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Working as a technician

Our TOP-jobs

Technician at work


  • Technician, breakdown technician, maintenance technician, what's in a name? Whatever we call you, we can't do it without you!
  • If there is a technical malfunction, we count on you to solve it. The faster the better, but a good and safe solution is still the most important.
  • We look for technicians in all our sites, so in Lembeke, Eeklo, Oostakker and Courcelles. A Technician works in a 2-shift system or in a fixed night shift. In some factories we also work with a weekend shift and/or a 3-shift system.
  • A Technician knows how to tackle things and is flexible. He/she knows how to help colleagues quickly and also keeps a predictive eye on things.

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Lotus Bakeries Biscoff factory in Lembeke


Gentstraat 52, 9971 Lembeke

The story of Lotus Biscoff - The Original Speculoos, begins in 1932 in a small bakery in Lembeke, Belgium. There, using carefully selected natural ingredients, the original recipe was prepared for the first time. Until today, Lotus Bakeries is a family business, still located in the same Lembeke. And from there, this delicious biscuit conquers the whole world!

Our factory in Lembeke is the largest in the group and continues to grow. Here, in addition to our Lotus Biscoff biscuits, we also make the delicious Dinosaur biscuits.

Lotus Bakeries plant in Eeklo

Eeklo - Willems Biscuits

Nieuwendorpe 33C, 9900 Eeklo

At Willems we work in a client-oriented and flexible way. Together with our customer, we look for the best addition to their range or for the best form of packaging. Our caramelised biscuits are made in the "Meetjesland", a region between Bruges and Ghent. In this region, people have been baking 'zoetekoeke' for centuries, the forerunner of carmelized biscuits.

Lotus Bakeries factory in Oostakker


Hollenaarstraat 91, 9041 Gent

Oostakker is a village near Ghent in the Belgian province East Flanders. This factory is responsible for the production of our range of pastries. Every day, you can enjoy the sweet smell of Frangipanes, Zebras, Madeleines and other delicious pastries.

Lotus Bakeries factory in Lokeren

Lokeren - Logistics Centre

Brandstraat 14, 9160 Lokeren

In Lokeren, along the E17, you will find our logistics centre. From here, our cookies travel all over the world to our customers. So in Lokeren, we are mainly looking for colleagues with a passion for logistics.

Lotus Bakeries factory in Courcelles


Rue de Liege 39, 6180 Courcelles

Lotus Bakeries Interwaffles, our site located in the Belgian province of Hainaut. Are you also crazy about our Suzy waffles? With or without chocolate? Delicious, tender waffles with real pieces of pearl sugar. Often imitated, never equalled to the level of our craftsmen in Courcelles.

Discover our 3 TOP-values

  • Teamspirit


    Each link in the process of creating small moments of joy and happiness is equally important: from marketing to production, from sales to packaging... It is essential to work as a well-oiled team. We work together every day to make Lotus Bakeries a success, in a safe and inspiring working environment. 

  • Tekstballon

    Open Dialogue

    An open attitude, proactive communication and respectful feedback: these components are inherent to the way we communicate. This way, people can grow and evolve within their jobs.

  • Vlam


    Our dedication and commitment to our employees is evident and visible in the workplace. Everyone experiences a mutual sense of pride in our products and our company. Passion is what connects us all, every day, in everything we do.